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Media double standards continue


Yesterday Mark Richardson was pilloried for asking, perhaps ill advisedly, of the Blessed Jacinda re children, despite her own pronouncements on the topic.

Today the newly appointed Labour Party Deputy Leader, one Kelvin Davis, said this on The AM Show:-

“That warm glow, everything sugar and spice and everything nice just emanates from Jacinda, and we look over there and all we get is a dull ache,” said Mr Davis.

Davis conjuring up the myth that the Blessed One will solve world hunger, leap tall buildings and cure poverty the moment we have a collective brain-fart and elect her.

Now to Adam Mr Davis’s remark seemed somewhat patronising both of the Blessed One and rather nasty considering he was referring to National and Adam ventures to suggest Paula Bennett, National’s Deputy Leader who was appearing at the same time. Yet where is the outrage? Where is the concern over the sexism? Double standards yet again.

Time and time again we see how the media behave totally appallingly. No standards, no balance and full of bile towards those who do not subscribe to their world view.

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