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James Shaw is deluded and wrong – and leads us to harm


Here is James Shaw, the Co-Leader of the NZ Greens with his defence of his self-confessed multiple fraudster and Greens Co-Leader Metiria Turei

Here is what was in the captions to the video:-

August 04, 2017. Metiria Turei won’t be resigning as co-leader of the Green Party after new admissions around her benefit fraud and lying to the Electoral Commission. Instead she says she won’t be seeking or accepting a ministerial position in any Labour-Green government. Ms Turei, who had her heart set on becoming Social Development Minister if the Greens helped form government, was accompanied by co-leader James Shaw for her announcement on Friday. It comes three weeks after she admitted committing benefit fraud in the 1990s, by lying about having flatmates while she was an unemployed solo mum and law student. On Thursday night came a new admission that her mother was one of those flatmates – though she maintains they were financially independent – as well as a confession that she registered to vote at a false address in 1993 so she could vote for her friend who was a candidate in Mount Albert. Greens co-leader James Shaw says Metiria Turei is a person of extraordinary integrity. “I think Metiria is one of the people who most clearly in this parliament understands what is right and what is wrong and that’s why I’m with her,” he said. (NZN VIDEO/Daniel Hicks)

The bolding is Adam’s.

Until now Adam thought Shaw may have some intestinal fortitude and capacity for independent thought, clearly like many others he has succumbed to the belief that Turei is taking one for the cause.

This is not the case. Turei is day by day being exposed for the lying, cheat and fraudster she is. By supporting her, Shaw and his fellow Greens have shown just how corrupt they really are. Indeed, the NZ Greens are to this observer’s mind no more than a far left of Venezuelan wannabes with absolutely no environmental values.

The idea that a political party led by a self confessed benefit and electoral fraudster could play any role in the governance of New Zealand is abhorrent. This disgust is magnified by the total moral and ethical failure of Turei’s colleagues to condemn this lack of honesty ad indeed to adopt an Orwellian view and claim that Turei is honest and a beacon of integrity.

Frankly this is bullshit and needs to be called out for what it is. Where is the so called Fourth Estate in all this, those bastions of freedom and truth. Totally missing in action, as they are all fawning at the feet of the Blessed Jacinda.

Never have the words of the NZ National Anthem seemed more apposite:-

God Defend New Zealand,

as our politicians and media clearly cannot be relied upon to do so.



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