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Turei emulates Donald Trump Jr


The parallels are uncanny:-

1  One story is released

2  Then another

3  Then another, etc, etc………

Day by day the layers of the onion are unpeeled from an initial ‘confession’ of a lie we now have multiple examples of lies regarding welfare claims, lying on electoral registrations, lying to IRD.

Adam suspects that with Turei there is much more to come.

Todd Barclay and National were pilloried for an employment dispute and an alleged illegal recording.

Turei is lauded by many for crimes she has admitted to. Including some in the media. Turei is not Jean Valjean, nor Saint Joan (this week Ardern has that spot). Turei is an appalling  blot on the body politic and should be sent packing. Especially as she has form for insisting on the same when instances have arisen within National and ACT.

The media are an absolute disgrace in this matter. As is the hypocrisy of the Greens and Labour.

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