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NZ Media still going full Ardern


Over the weekend TVNZ and TV3 have both featured the Blessed One. The print media have continued to fawn. There has been little if any rational analysis.

The NZ public are extremely ill-served by this adulation.

We deserve better. If we are to accept the concept of the Fourth Estate then they must at a minimum hold those wishing to be our government to the same standards they purport to hold the incumbents too.

At this time in NZ, they do not. The media in the main excuse Turei’s criminal acts. Furthermore they raise no questions concerning her colleagues continued support for her.

Regarding Ardern and Davis there has been no analysis at all. The slavish adulation is revolting.

Media bias is revealed daily. Many articles have contained mis-information.

In the Twittersphere the leftist tyrants are in full swing spreading lies and nonsense.

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