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At last some morality from the Greens.Well almost!!


When Adam first glimpsed the breaking news re the Greens he thought Turei had gone. Yet what transpired is that 2 and only 2 Green MPs have found some self -respect sfter some 3 weeks and announced thay are standing down. Kennedy Graham and David Clendon said, apparently, that either Turei went or they did.

Much to the shame of the Greens they let Graham and Clendon go.

Therefore one must conclude that the Greens all support the concept of committing crimes, especially ones that involve ripping off the taxpayer.

All Green MPs and Green List members should be contacted by email and informed that this stance is a moral outrage. Furhermore what has this got to do with bettering the environment. They are deep, deep, red just like Venezuela and as morally corrupt as Maduro and his thug cronies.

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