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Well now, we enter the Orwellian world of the NZ Greens


Last night James Shaw, Greens co-leader held a press conference in which he addressed the media regarding the resignation of 2 senior Green MPs, Kennedy Graham and David Clendon.

Here is the presser from last night from the NZ Herald Facebook page.

The whole event was Orwellian, think 1984 with overtones of a Stalinist purge and elements of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, think Marc Antony

First the somewhat Marc Antony like praise of Graham and Kennedy, then the stiletto to the ribs.

These respected men, friends even were guilty of not following Green Party rules and meeting Green Party values. OMG they failed to follow due process. No acknowledgement that they appear to be the only senior Greens with any real values and regard for Law.

Here is Graham and Clendon’s RNZ interview from yesterday:-

However, Shaw takes the line that Graham and Clendon are to be suspended and then expelled. Just what values do the Greens espouse these days? Clearly, not following the diktats of the Co-Commissars is now a cause for excommunication. Indeed, it would appear they are now non-persons as they were immediately deleted from the Greens web-site. The Greens Ministry of Truth is now in full flow. Shaw proclaims Turei’s integrity all the time. Frankly, Adam’s opinion is that a soggy chip wrapper has more integrity and has served a more useful purpose.

Turei and Shaw are destroying the Green Party. Their recent actions have accelerated what Adam expects to have been a longer term decline, as the true nature of their metamorphosis into a Chavez/Corbyn hard left party increased and the ‘Green’ element long declining within the Greens was marginalised.

Shaw has been revealed a weak, ineffectual leader and Turei for the anarchi, malicious, arrogant trougher she is.

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  1. Jacksdad permalink
    08/08/2017 16:10

    In your description of Ms Turei you ommitted the word “malignant”.


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