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Little if any blogging for next 2 days


Adam is having a pacemaker fitted today and will be out of action for today and Friday at least.

The operation is essential and an example of NZ’s great health-care. Need identified around 3 weeks ago and today Adam is fixed. Hopefully.

Will not be allowed to drive for at least 2 weeks and other restrictions for some 4-6 weeks.

The care and help received from the NZ health system has been uniformly excellent.

We should be very proud of the quality of the care provided in NZ.

Far too many complain about our healthcare.

There will be some pre-set blogs that appear.

  1. Jacksdad permalink
    11/08/2017 11:54

    Good luck and best wishes from me too.


  2. JeffW permalink
    10/08/2017 18:56

    Good luck and stay well.


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