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What others say about Ardern’s Water TAX


David Farrar at Kiwiblog:-

We know Labour want to tax water and give much of the tax to Iwi. So basically they are saying New Zealanders have to pay Iwi for products that use water. This is a major policy shift, and even worse Labour won’t say how much the tax will be. Do you want a Government that tells you they will tax water, but not by how much?

Even worse it is racially divisive as well. Why should we give money to iwi for water?

Homepaddock notes:-

One week two taxes

Homepaddock writes:-

What happens when irrigation water is also used for stock?

Why is water for stock to drink seen as a more virtuous use than water to grow grass for stock to eat?

and Labour Wants consent to farm

Whaleoil has tackled this as well, this for example

Much of the worst thing about the whole issue is the fact this issue has been fanned emotionally by the Greens and others. Much of it is based on false or misleading statements. Little if any regard appears to have been had to economic reality.

From an election standpoint to propose a tax on water some 6 weeks from an election with no details, no preparatory work and no abilty to assess economic impact is irresponsible. In fact it is monstrous and totally unacceptable. It asks the electorate to elect you on a policy that even the proposers appear to have no real understanding of.

Jacina Ardern game-changer who makes matters even worse. A piece of supposed eye candy mouthing policy she does not comprehend. Of if she does then she really is a scheming, malevolent humgriffin.

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