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Howard Baker’s question should be put to James Shaw


Back in the dark ages before many of today’s SJWs were born there was a leading US Republican Senator before the GOP became the disgrace it is at present. Howard Baker was the senior Republican on the committee inquiring into Watergate and in June 1973 he uttered these immortal words:-

“What did the president know, and when did he know it?”

This question came to mind over the weekend when thinking about the martyrdom of St Metiria (as the left and SJWs would have it).

Shaw should have a variant of this question put to him;e.g. “What did you know about Turei’s frauds and when did you know it? The reasoning is simple. Shaw has continued to defend Turei and promote her rationale long after it became apparent that her tale had more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. He has said he knew everything, but did he? When did he know it? If he knew all along, then he was complicit in her lies and is exposed as a person with zero honesty or integrity. Attributes which were in question anyway due to his treatment of Clendon and Graham. If he knew only latterly then he is exposed as no true co-leader, but as a gender figleaf for the hard left, racist fanatics now running the Greens.

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