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Yes, they really said that (1)


The first in a new series of posts. Each will contain a quote or quotes by or about a person and/or issue.

This initial post seemed ideal material. Indeed, you might say reading this was Adam’s inspiration for the series. From Radio NZ’s excellent Mediawatch programme:-

The issue under review was Jacindamania and whether the media have gone OTT.

“I wouldn’t say its been over the top or overblown at all,” Mediaworks’ chief news officer Hal Crawford told Mediawatch. 

His political editor Patrick Gower has been the most effusive about ‘The Ardern Effect’ but Hal Crawford says ‘the effect’ is not driven by him, but by opinion polls.  

“If he expresses enthusiasm, it’s for a reason. There’s no question about that,” says Crawford. 

“Paddy (Gower) is a level-headed and astute observer.” 

This is Paddy Gower we are talking about?

The same Paddy Gower who always but always enthuses about the left.

The Paddy Gower who many consider to be hopelessly biased. So Gower being totally OTT re The Jacciah is merely poll driven. Yeah Right!!

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