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A comment for today


From a thread at The Washington Post related to a piece on Trump’s delay in condemning the racists in Charlottesville

Impeach Now Replace Later
For the benefit of the supporters of the president that still do not get this, the issue is that it took him 48 hours to awkwardly call out the white supremacists by name Monday. It took him 48 minutes to blast an African-American CEO by name after he left the president’s manufacturing council. So, the astute observer sees that the president’s moral compass is something along the lines of: If my supporters incite violence and kill an innocent woman, I should respond in a tepid and generic manner that makes them think that they have a champion in the white house. If a black man shows the slightest trace of disloyalty, I should blast him loudly and immediately in twitter.

The supporters of the president like this moral compass. Most others find it detestable.

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