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Trump sinks ever lower and lower, into the depths of the sewers


Really readers it does not seem possible, but yet again POTUS dives ever deeper into the swamp.

Over the last couple of days Adam has found it ever harder to imagine that Trump could sink lower than he previously had. Sorry readers, he did.

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Today, the cretin in the White House tweeted:-

What beauty, many of these statues were erected at the time when Jim Crow laws were being enacted or in the 1950s as a Southern rebuttal to civil rights. In addition these times were also when the myth of the Lost Cause became more prevalent. The ‘beauty’ never existed, but Trump who lacks any knowledge would not realise this.  He is an ignorant blowhard, as this New Yorker cover illustrates perfectly:-


What made that worse was this:-

This was a reference to a discredited tale that Trump has peddled previously.

This lie has been debunked before, but here he peddles his lie yet again.

Tapper nails the idiot now in the White House.

Trump responded rapidly as he called out Barcelona, although lying, but still makes excuses for racists in Charlottesville. Furthermore his rapidity over Barcelona exposes his hypocrisy over Charlottesville.

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