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Crawford Falconer on Brexit Britain, trade, peace and prosperity


Writing in the Daily Telegraph Mr Falconer looks at how post Brexit, Britain as the world’s 5th largest economy and influence peace and prosperity across the world through free trade. He notes:-

But it is not just about the economic value that will come from constructing such trade arrangements. There is a powerful political and security element to getting this right. History is littered with instances of the destructive political consequences of closed markets. This was a lesson well understood at the end of last century’s global conflicts. It was at the core of the post-war global order – of which the UK was one of the chief architects.

Right now, that order is under unprecedented pressure. World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations have stalled. So-called mega-regional trade deals such as the trans-Pacific trade deal and the EU-US negotiations have been put on ice. China set itself bold new liberalisation goals a few years ago, but has been unable to deliver. Meanwhile, in the last five years G20 countries have introduced nearly 400 measures that restrict trade.

Mr Falconer is an experienced trade negotiator who also served as New Zealand Ambassador to the World Trade Organization. It is a massive tribute to NZ’s prowess and skills in this area that he has been appointed Chief Trade Negotuator for the UK.

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