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No need for new or higher taxes


A useful summation of what National’s focused approach achieves, as against Labour’s tax, spray $ and prey strategy. Labour’s are stirring up envy and resentment of success by constantly denigrating business and farmers.


The PREFU yesterday showed a bigger surplus and slightly softer growth than expected.

A slightly softer growth forecast is the main feature of largely unchanged Pre-election Fiscal Update compared to the Budget forecasts three months ago, Finance Minister Steven Joyce says.

“The softer growth New Zealand has experienced in the six months to March flows through to a lower starting point in the 2017/2018 year,” Mr Joyce says.

“The net effect is that growth is slightly lower through the forecast period – averaging 3.0 per cent over the next four years rather than the 3.1 per cent predicted in the Budget.

“The other notable change is that Treasury expects the labour market to be tighter over the next four years, with lower unemployment and stronger nominal and real wage growth.

“Treasury forecasts unemployment to drop to 4.3 per cent by June 2020 and for the average annual wage to increase…

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  1. 24/08/2017 12:34

    “Spray and prey” – funny but sadly true.


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