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The Public Safety Pretext: Liberal Leaders and Writers Seek To Protect The Public From Free Speech


Turley looks again at how under the guise of public safety various politicians seek to restrict free speech and thus by extension freedom of thought. According to these promoters of safety the only free speech is that which accords with their view. It is an evil trend. Furthermore, Trump with his vitriol and stupidity only makes it easier for them.


220px-nancy_pelosiBelow is my column in the Hill Newspaper on the call of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to cancel the permit of a conservative group seeking to hold a “Patriot Prayer” event in San Francisco.  As discussed in the posting today on Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin’s call to end a Free Speech event, leaders are latching on to a new way to limit speech. While professing fealty to free speech, Pelosi, Arraguin, and others seek to deny it on the basis for how critics might react.  The West has grown weary of Free Speech and these are the voices calling for greater restraints and regulation of speech. It is the new anti-speech pretext: leaders seek to protect the public from free speech in the name of public safety.

Here is the column:

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