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What you see is what you get – or probably not!


Unfortunately that is often the problem, we see the image and not the person in many cases. We buy the perception and not the reality.  Often we buy the more appealing perception, based on image, little attention is paid to substance. We see it every day in our politicians both here and in the rest of the world. Obviously our views are affected by our opinions and prejudices, but let us look at some recent examples of change.

France – the French opted for change and an untried 39 year old in the form of Macron. He swept to power, but has subsequently proved a severe disappointment. The image was just that, little of substance and that looks likely to founder on intransigent French unionism.

USA – There were 2 bad candidates in 2016, though to be fair their alternatives were in many respects even worse. However in opting for a reality TV persona they bought all image and no substance as has subsequently transpired. Unfortunately, the narcissist in the White House has the nuclear codes. God help us all!

UK – Cameron lost the EU referendum, aided by French and German stupidity over re-negotiation. He was succeeded by May who has proved a poor leader, enabling the anti-semite, terrorist communist to consolidate his position in Labour. UK has not been helped by the fact that many of the claims made by the pro-leave EU campaign have been proven to be lies. Yet Corbyn appeals because he comes across to many who want to believe he is really a jam making, cycling uncle rather than the anti- democrat that he is.

NZ – In NZ several very lacklustre Labour leaders have been replaced by an archetypal party apparatchik, but who has, aided by a fawning media, vaulted to top of the political heap in short order. Ardern, has through what in retrospect can be seen as a very carefully orchestrated campaign of using women’s magazines and other media now become a front runner. She constantly harps on about transparency, but is opaque and claims she is for generational change, but her policies hark back to the 1960s and 1970s and are rooted in failed nostrums. I suspect that if elected her popularity will drop even more rapidly than Macron’s. Ardern is the epitome of media image over substance and actual accomplishment.


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