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This is why we’re #backingbill


Yet again Ele summarises key issues in this campaign. Concern over Labour’s wedge political strategy and their attacks on key drivers of our economy and the rural sector may well explain last night’s TV3 result, which while devastating for Paddy Gower was good news for others.

Those of us who live in the real world and talk to people who work very hard for their living and own small businesses know just how they are worried by Labour’s tax plans which appoint to confiscation of effort and of negating aspirations to get ahead.

Labour seeks to increase inequality not to reduce it. Many of their measures are based on envy of effort and of success.


Prime Minister Bill English had a very clear message in Ashburton yesterday:

. . .”We want to achieve higher environmental standards and apparently no one’s thought of this until about six weeks ago. It’s all new, apparently, lifting the quality of water in our rivers – brand new idea,” he said.

“All that tells you is they [opposition parties] take no notice of you. They have no idea what you do, how you do it or why you’re so good at it.

“We’re backing you”.

Farmers were “being lectured” by people who did not understand the regions and National was committed to both raising productivity and environmental standards.

“Any politician who does not know about the intensive, difficult, critical, collaborative work that’s gone on around water quality must be living on another planet,” he said.

“It will be cash sucked out of your business, taken out of this region, sent off to Wellington and people…

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