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The Bish wins Hutt South


Chris Bishop scored a notable victory as he took Hutt South from longtime incumbents Labour.

Adam’s suspicion is that this will continue to be a hotly contested seat. However, The Bish has made substantial inroads into what has been seen as a tribal Labour seat, under the sway of retiring Labour MP Trevor Mallard.

Ginny Andersen ran a good campaign, but Bishop put in the hard yards and understood the changing demographics of the seat.

Stuff has an article on this, but whilst probably factually correct the reporter, to this observer, seemed to make a number of snide remarks.

Well done Bish.

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  1. Lindsay Mitchell permalink
    30/09/2017 19:50

    As an ACT voter, gave him my electorate vote. Not so happy now as the Nats ditch ACT before they have even begun negotiations.


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