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Wisconsin Adopts New Policy Allowing Suspension or Expulsion of Students Disrupting Speakers or Events


The disruption practiced by both left and right is disgusting. Neither side are in the right on this, both sides abhor free speech.
Yet in many places the left’s oppression is more overt, whist tht of the right is perhaps more insidious.
Trump exemplifies much of the problem


WisconsinStateSealMany of us have been warning for years about the anti-free speech activities of various protest groups in barring speakers and even taking over classrooms.  I have long advocated suspending students who prevent others from speaking or attending such events and expelling those who are repeat offenders.  Now the University of Wisconsin system has adopted such an approach, though some of the terminology is problematic in my view.  Nevertheless, while the policy (found here) could be more specific in defining terms like “disrupt,” it is a move that could go a long way in restoring free speech protections.

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