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Moore Charges As The Alabama Candidate Threatens To Sue Washington Post


Turley looks at the Roy Moore disgrace


DOidoaVU8AAzpNJFormer Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is facing new allegations today from yet another women who says that he pursued her as a young teenage girl. Beverly Young Nelson was 16 when she says that Moore tried to rape her after offering her a car ride home.  Moore says that he does not know Nelson but the yearbook page above contains a personal message from him reading “To a sweeter girl I could not say Merry Christmas” — signed “Roy Moore D.A.” The pattern of allegations from so many women have made Moore’s continuance in the campaign untenable. Not only have GOP senators demanded his withdrawal but some are discussing an expulsion vote if he were to be elected.  In the meantime, Moore is now threatening a lawsuit against the Washington Post for defamation, but the threat is curious in both its sole target and the…

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  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    16/11/2017 17:38

    Not surprised and by all accounts Moore was not an especially good judge.


  2. Roj Blake permalink
    15/11/2017 19:23

    Apparently you can become the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court without ever hearing about New York Times v Sullivan.


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