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Kim Hill interviews Don Brash and his views on Te Reo


Adam thinks Brash has somewhat lost the plot

  1. Roger Strong permalink
    02/12/2017 16:50

    Why does she INSIST of not giving him time to answer any of the questions she asks? She quotes things at him that he is supposed to have said years ago – with no context at all and is surprised that he doesn’t recall it! I recall at the high school the daily notices had the Maori names for the day, month etc. on it – no one EVER learned them it was virtue signalling which is exactly what Radion NZ is doing. Poor radio and poor interviewing- but that’s about what we expect from Kim Himm and her ilk.


  2. 02/12/2017 12:30

    His point on another radio interview about how it is not much point giving the greetings unless you follow it with the translation is quite strong. I do not know any of the greetings on radio New Zealand because they are different to the usual ones. You learn greetings by finding out what they mean in your own language.


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