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Simply not credible – Ardern and transparency – truly an oxymoron


RNZ’s Morning Report on the secret coalition document.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says if anything in Labour and New Zealand First’s ‘secret’ coalition document had an impact on policy, it would “absolutely” be released.

Apart from anything else, every time she says ‘absolutely’ Adam’s immediate thought she is lying again.

Then again:-

“When something becomes an official part of our work programme, then that’s the point at which, absolutely, we have to be transparent about that. But when it comes to documents that sit behind a negotiation, that aren’t necessarily going to be pursued, as soon as you release it, that gives an expectation that it is a hard and fast policy, when it might not be at all.”

This from a regime where Ministers do not respond to written questions with proper answers.

Now the Otago Daily Times has a report on action the Ombudsman has taken re this document, which according to our ever truthful PM is not one of substance:

Boshier told Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon that he had read the document.

“I’ve written to the Prime Minister and my expectation is a five-day time turnaround for a reply.”

Implication it needs to be released.

Furthermore over the last several days this has morphed from Mr Peters description of a document of precision setting out specific matters, to Ardern’s a series of notes, to a background whatever. Yet the Ombudsman seems to think differently.

This just gets murkier and ever more deceitful by the hour.

At present the post’s title seems very apposite.

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