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Who’s Winston wary of?


Homepaddock looks at The Peters enablement bill. In a marvellous piece of Orwellian doublespeak this bill is titled The Election Integrity Amendment Bill. This bill is a blot on NZ democracy, by promoting it Labour rendered whatever moral credibility they might have had to pieces. The Greens in supporting it threw away any reputation for being principled they might have once had.


The waka jumping Bill is an affront to democracy:

The Coalition Government must be deeply worried about maintaining internal discipline within their own Caucuses given they are attempting to ride rough shod over our democratic processes by preventing individual MPs from standing up for the voters that elect them, National’s Justice Spokesperson Amy Adams says.

“Last week the Coalition introduced what is colloquially known as ‘Waka Jumping’ legislation. It might be more accurately called the ‘Winston Peters Self Preservation Bill’ as it was clearly his bottom line for entry into the Coalition.

“The Bill would effectively prevent individual Members of Parliament from speaking out on points of principle and policy, and ensuring the voices of their communities are heard. Worse still, it would enable party leaders to advise the Speaker that a Caucus member isn’t acting as the leader would want and then move to force that member out…

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