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Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury – a NZ perspective (1)


World wide there has been immense interest in Wolff’s book.

Pete George, a NZ blogger of substance, put up a post on a NZ review of Wolff’s book

His look was reasonable and he passed little  comment. Others have not been so sensible.

What continues to surprise Adam are the numbers of NZ residents, from both left and right who either hate Trump or love him with a passion exceeding all rational understanding.

For example this comment at Kiwiblog on the Wolff book:-

Trump’s first year has been excellent. He has redefined what a politician on the right is able to do.
He has resisted the mainstream media and shown them for the hopelessly biased pack of democrat hacks that they truly are. He has systematically destroyed political correctness.

The United States economy is booming under his leadership.

The world now respects America as a superpower.

He has stood up for the ordinary working class American who was forgotten by both parties. And he is doing something about immigration which both parties failed to do.

This new book won’t amount to a hill of beans.

Scott’s predictions for 2018 – Trump will lead the United States economy to a time of boom, 3% plus growth and low unemployment.

– The construction of the wall will begin this year. Mexico will pay for it though the mechanism will be kept low profile to satisfy Mexican domestic political interests.

– Many more conservative judges will be appointed to the lower courts meaning that American jurisprudence will move to a law-abiding basis rather than the lawlessness of previously appointed liberal activist judges.

– Isis will cease to exist as a viable terrorist threat. Muslim terrorism will continue to grow in places like Europe where it is actively encouraged by the ruling class.

– There will probably be long overdue military action against North Korea. This is a situation the previous presidents have kicked down the road and only Trump will take decisive action.

– American society continued to move to the right. The right stands for freedom. The ruling left who believe in equality of outcome through enforced regulation and court orders will be rolled back.

Donald Trump has the potential to be one of the most consequential presidents in United States history. Our politicians could learn from him. Whether our National party has the balls to do so is very much an open question?

The world view of this person, if it can be described as such, is disturbing.

However, it is not unique, unfortunately.

The conclusion of the comment is one of the most frightening comments Adam has ever read. It may in fact be true, but hopefully not from the commenters perspective. Hopefully it will be a wake-up call to all, left or right who believe in freedom.

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  1. 07/01/2018 15:26

    That’s why I no longer frequent Kiwiblog, it is awash with morons who are happy to see everything go up in flames.

    I am reading Wolfe’s book right now (gotta love the internet and ebooks) and find it interesting, but all the best bits in the 1st 100 or so pages I have read have already been excerpted. Hoping for some new stuff along the way.

    So far it hasn’t shown anything not already known about Trump – that he is a narcissistic, boasting, lying, preening, swaggering, thin-skinned, petulant, desperately competitive, vindictive person with the attention span of a toddler who is lacking in shame, humility, empathy, or capacity for reflection and self-scrutiny and also lacking not only in knowledge but in curiosity.


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