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NY Times: Brown Ales May Be Unfashionable, but the Style Is Timeless


Brown Ales May Be Unfashionable, but the Style Is Timeless

From a recent N Times article:-

I’m talking about wonderful, thirst-quenching, conversation-inducing beers, the type that you can drink a lot of almost without noticing. Brown ale, for example. Recently, the beer panel tasted 20 examples of American brown ale, which is something of an afterthought in a beer culture awash in more au courant styles.

The author drew attention to key characteristics which endear brown ales to him, as opposed to IPAs, which likened to over oaked California chardonnays.

He notes:-

Brown ales and like-minded styles — including straightforward lagers, pilsners and porters — to name a few, are very different sorts of beers. They occupy subtler realms, quenching thirst with pure flavors and perhaps a snappy zestiness in the case of pilsner and a rich depth in the case of porter. They are not flamboyant styles that wow with complexity or make themselves the centers of attention. They simply satisfy.

Fun article, concluding with a summation of the top brews tasted.

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