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RNZ: Looks at international reaction to news of Ardern pregnancy


An article at RNZ web-site gives a once over, lightly, very lightly look at international reactions to the news of the Ardern pregnancy.

Calling Nicola Sturgeon and Harriet Harman world leaders is debatable.

The review was focussed on CNN and the Guardian, plus some others.

Perhaps the most OTT remark was this one:-

Laura Hampson, writing for the London Evening Standard, called Ms Ardern the “inspirational world leader we need right now.

“Ardern is showing that women can ‘have it all’ and not choose between career and family. You can be pregnant while negotiating coalition deals, campaigning, winning an election and running a country – while being a generally positive and downright likeable person.”

Illustrating the Dominion Post is not the only media outlet infected by Jacindamania.

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