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What is Trumpism?


From the BBC an item on what is Trumpism. Worth a look. Perhaps best summed up by this:-

Trumpism is “what the president believes on any particular moment on any particular day about any particular subject,” says Ron Christie, a Republican analyst who worked in the White House of George W Bush.

In the last paragraphs, Jon Sopel writes:-

there are the fights that he gets into. Distractions, says Haley Barbour.

“He gives the press something bad that usually smothers his good story,” he says.

So if you ask, is there a Trumpian way of doing things? The answer is an emphatic yes. It will be noisy and loud. It will involve a lot of argument and shouting. It will also, of course, be the “best ever”.

But is there such a thing as Trumpism? Well that might be stretching it. But in November 2016, the American people weren’t voting for a philosopher or intellectual. They wanted someone who would get things done.

Perhaps that is the case. Yet the article leaves some key questions unanswered:-

  • the growth of intolerance
  • Trump’s trashing of constitutional norms
  • his shady ethics
  • his destruction of America’s standing in the world
  • his racism
  • his wilful, nay prideful ignorance
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  1. 19/02/2018 17:55

    The article’s not wrong by any means, but I think there are other aspects of Trumpism much darker than those highlighted by the BBC. It’s a repudiation, not just of most major religions, but also of ethical humanism and other philosophies that put value on all human life.


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