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RNZ : Somewhat confused about Ardern regime progress


Two articles on RNZ’s website on the ‘progress’ of the Ardern regime

This one earlier in December from Jane Patterson

This lauded how Ardern and her ‘team’ were on track to meet their 100 day target.

Though Patterson made some very pertinent points such as:-

It has been far from smooth sailing for the new government in its first eight weeks in office, but it does appear to be largely on track to deliver its 100-day plan.

Inexperienced ministers trying to get to grips with their portfolios, a scramble to find ministerial staff and bedding in the coalition arrangements have all proved to be a challenge.

By all accounts Labour was completely taken by surprise when it was handed the reins of power by New Zealand First and so had done little in the way of preparation for staffing, procedures or the basic nuts and bolts of how to run a government.

This still seems to be the case.

Possibly the key point was this:-

This government has three key vulnerabilities: any major divisions between Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens, blunders from inexperienced new ministers, and the pressure to balance the books.

Yet today we read:

The government was working on a plan for the 200 days after their first three months in office, “turning what was a 100-day plan into a 300-day plan.”

No analysis of that report, just effectively a media statement. It would be very interesting to see Patterson’s analysis on this.

It would seem that we have yet more back tracking.


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