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RNZ: Ardern Regime’s Attack on Democracy moves on


RNZ reports that the disgraceful and anti-democratic Waka Jumping Bill passed its first reading last night. This payoff to Winston Peters is part of the price paid for his support. However, let’s be clear Labour has past form in the area of anti-democratic laws, e.g. The Electoral Finance Act.

The video clip is of a December interview by Susie Ferguson in which Bill English asserts why this legislation is wrong.

Apart from this law being wrong, what has been extremely interesting is noting firstly that this bill hardly promotes transparency and openness. – concepts beloved of Jacinda Ardern, or so she frequently tells us whilst doing the opposite another example being the secret addendum to the Coalition Agreement. Secondly, it illustrates how far the Greens, as led by James Shaw, are prepared to prostitute their beliefs, such as they are, to enable their vindictive attitudes to National to triumph and to give them and their followers the illusion of power.

Finally the fact that this bill is receiving little high profile media coverage cements the perception that NZ media is supinely still worshipping at the altar of Jacindamania and cares little for democracy now their government has been installed.

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