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The existence of real conspiracies does not justify conspiracy theories


So true. H/T Jim Rose

The Logic of Science

Most science deniers are conspiracy theorists. Many of them don’t like to think of themselves as conspiracy theorists and would even ardently deny that they deserve that label, yet when you present them with peer-reviewed evidence for anthropogenic climate change, the safety of vaccines, the safety of GMOs, etc. they almost invariably respond by asserting that those studies aren’t valid evidence because vast corporations, governments, etc. have bought off all of the scientists, doctors, regulatory bodies, etc. That claim has no evidence to support it and is a textbook example of a conspiracy theory.

As a result of the conspiratorial nature of science-deniers, conspiracy theories are a frequent target of my blog/Facebook page, but almost any time that I post about the illogical nature of conspiracy theories, I get irate responses from people who insist that conspiracy theories are not inherently illogical, and they do this based on one of…

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  1. itsjustne permalink
    23/02/2018 21:04

    And, it must be said, the writer has not even a clue about science philosophy nor history.
    It the above piece the writer assumes that ‘conspitacy theorist’ (not denifined what that means by him!) are ‘immune ‘ to evidence.
    Mate, search the history of science!!! it is FULL with ‘scientisst’ immune to evidence.
    Just read the works of Thomas Kunn & Feyerabend!

    ‘science’ is not something logical and straightforward, very far from it!


  2. itsjustme permalink
    22/02/2018 23:21

    So, the author has never really researched conspiracy theories. For that matter, the stupid writer doesn’t even define a ‘conspiracy theory’,, hence this might just be circular reasoning,
    The writer probably doesn’t even know what he is talking about.He might think he does, but it is crystal clear he doesn’t.


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