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David Farrar reviews Ardern’s 100 day achievements


The estimable Mr Farrar writes:-

Tomorrow is 100 days since the new Government was annointed by Winston. They will no doubt be doing a release highlighting all the working groups they have set up. I’ve compiled my own list of some of their achievements in their first 100 days:

  1. Announced a target for reducing child poverty that would be less than National achieved since 2011
  2. Killed off the Kermadecs marine sanctuary
  3. Delayed fishing monitoring which protects Maui’s dolphins
  4. Jeopardised EU trade deal with move towards a deal with Russia
  5. Introduced a law to allow party leaders to expel MPs from Parliament
  6. Refused a law change to allow parents to share paid parental leave
  7. Appointed fewer women Ministers than under National
  8. Undermined Stats NZ neutrality
  9. Upset Australia on Manus Island
  10. Gossiped about Trump creating global headlines
  11. Lied over the Speaker’s election
  12. PM said capitalism was a blatant failure
  13. Appointed a Minister for Children who is pro smacking
  14. Appointed a Minister of Defence who wears unauthorised medals, even after being told not to
  15. A Deputy PM who is suing media for exposing his welfare overpayments
  16. Police Minister announced then backtracked on recruiting foreign police
  17. Revenue Minister announced then backtracked on GST on small imports
  18. Government claimed credit for ISDS exemption in TPP which actually were negotiated by National
  19. An Acting PM unable to answer questions in House, and who is now hidden from public view
  20. A Government that had to filibuster their own bills as they have no legislation ready

Just imagine how much more they can achieve in the next 100 days!

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