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Stanford Students Tear Down Flyers Supporting Law Enforcement As Hate Speech and Force Fellow Student To Account For His “Threatening” Behavior


Another example of how free speech is eroded through people choosing to be offended and how the term hate speech is used to oppress views other than those of the offended


ANTI-ICEPRO-ICEAccording to Stanford University students, one of these flyers is a public service and one is hate speech.  There is a controversy at Stanford University reported by College Fix over the distribution of the flyer on the right — a satirical jab at posters encouraging students and faculty to report any ICE activity.  It is clearly satirical and political, but Stanford students declared it to be hate speech and filed complaints with the university that they now felt unsafe and threatened on campus. The flyers were removed and student Isaac Kipust was called before Associate Dean of Students Alejandro Martinez to answer for his conduct in posted the signs.

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