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Iranian Activist Challenges Western “Barbie” Feminism As Veil Protests Continue In Iran


This shows just how ridiculous and out of touch so many so called feminists in the West are. It draws attention to the hypocrisy the recent World Hijab Day which sought to normalise this form of oppression.


download-5We have previously discussed the courage of women in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Muslim nations in fighting sexist rules that prevent them from engaging in basic acts or pursuing their own futures.  As I have said before, these women are the most inspiring civil libertarians of our generation — risking jail and beatings to fight for equality.  That struggle is evident in the dozens of arrests of women in Iran who are pulling off their headscarves in public in Iran to fight for the individual choice in wearing the religious cover.  One activist Masih Alinejab has gone further to denounce Western feminists and reporters who celebrate the selling of a Barbie doll with a veil while giving minimal attention to actual women fighting the mandatory wearing of such items.

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