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Why do media keep touting Bridges?


Is he Jacinda’s weapon to demoralise the right?

Just look at this post on Your NZ , a centrist NZ blog, looking at Bridges candidacy and referencing Bridges interview with Guyon Espiner:-

And he went on, and on, and on. His opening sentence ran until 1:43 into the interview.

That pitch is unlikely to appeal narrowly let alone broadly. Bridges has repeated Jacinda Ardern’s generational change approach, but there is a stark contrast with Ardern’s effortless ability to speak positively and clearly.

He was then asked about the significance of being the first Maori leader of National. He waffled, admitted his te reo was not as good as Espiner’s, and waffled.

As Pete George who runs Your NZ summed up , very well in Adam’s opinion:-

It’s fair to say that Bridges was hopeless in this interview. Perhaps he speaks much better in the National caucus and can convince a majority of the MPs to back him, but on this performance he should have dashed any hope of becoming leader.

It was awful.

It looks like it should be a contest between Amy Adams and Judith Collins.

Leader,  just how stupid do people think we are?

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