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Ethics – lobbying – corruption and the revolving door


On a day when TPI announce that on their perception index is the least corrupt country in the world, The Spinoff runs an article on how a leading lobbyist acted as Ardern’s Chief of Staff. Now Adam is not speculating on the behaviour of the individual involved, but on the perception generated.

Toby Manhire, Spinoff Editor tweeted on this article:-


Manhire posed a highly relevant comment.

Intriguingly Adam had posted on the subject of lobbying the other day.

Funnily enough the issue of Thompson came up in the comments.

NZ is a small society and it behoves all concerned to ensure that all appropriate proprieties are observes and conflicts not just managed, but are seen to be managed.

In NZ we have increasingly seen a revolving door between government, public service, commerce and lobbying.

Adam will write more on this in due course, once he has given this more thought.

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