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Dems Call For New Regulations And Fines To Force Sites To Crackdown On Suspicious Posters


Far too many Western nations are now seeing the abrogation of free speech to protect against perceived injustice. When in effect the remedy itself is free speech, including ridicule and satire – of which the English language has a superb tradition from at least Thomas Paine , Swift through to today. It is the paucity of thought and the lack of understanding of today’s politicians that is enabling the multitude of oppressors and thought police we see today. Indeed by their actions they enable other enemies of all kinds. UK, USA, Canada, Germany are major miscreants here.


960px-Amy_Klobuchar,_official_portrait,_113th_CongressOn Sunday,Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar joined the growing call for new regulation of Internet speech, including the imposition of fines on sites that fail to remove posters and comments of suspected “bots.”  While the true impact of the Russian trolls and bots is being hotly debated (and I admit that I am skeptical), Democrats are calling for measures that worry many of us in the free speech community.

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