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Letters To The Editor: Brexit – Daily Telegraph



SIR – In any important endeavour where there is significant risk, it is basic common sense to have a back-up plan to minimise the effects of a negative outcome.

As far as Britain is concerned, it is difficult to see a more high-stakes activity than the Brexit negotiations. While I generally applaud Theresa May’s recent Mansion House proposals, it seems to me that the EU is on a mission to punish Britain for its citizens’ decision to leave, and is hence very unlikely to reciprocate in an equally pragmatic and reasonable way.

Our insurance policy must therefore be to plan for an exit without any agreement. This would provide an alternative to what is likely to be a hasty agreement with the EU which is bad for Britain in the long term. It is reckless, bordering on irresponsible, that the Government does not appear to be putting much effort into ensuring that we have such an insurance policy to fall back on.

Ian Holliday
Alton, Hampshire

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