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The Curran-Hirschfeld texts raise additional questions


The texts are interesting for what they don’t say. Thus raising new questions.
From Newshub
Clearly Curran initiated the meeting.
When Adam last worked in a senior management position, unless the meeting was with an old friend he would not just have a catch up with someone without some idea of purpose. Even if with a very old friend if that friend worked with another entity,especially government he would have tried to establish the purpose beforehand. If with a contact in a sensitive position, such as government he would normally talk to at least one senior colleague about it.
Hirschfeld was a senior manager and an experienced journalist, attending a ‘catch up’ with the minister responsible for the entity Hirschfeld worked for. Even if Curran was ‘unaware ‘ of the RNZ protocols in this area, Hirschfeld cannot have been.
So the following questions arise:
  • Why did Hirschfeld not comply with RNZ policy?
  • The failure to comply and the tone of the opening message suggest Curran and Hirschfeld may have been in an ongoing dialogue – were they?
  • Why lie for so long? If the discussion was generic why not fess up at the time, get reprimanded and move on? The failure to do this could lead to an assumption that the subjects discussed were specific to RNZ and thus totally inappropriate.
  • Why did Hirschfeld sacrifice her reputation and career over this?
Given the above Adam is of the opinion that not everything has yet been revealed regarding this matter.
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