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Marama Davidson – elected as Green Co-leader



Marama Davidson rocking a rainbow umbrella

Marama Davidson at the Auckland Pride Parade Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Ms Davidson won the leadership contest with 110 delegate votes to fellow MP Julie Anne Genter’s 34 votes.

In her acceptance speech in Auckland this morning, Ms Davidson said her number one goal would be to ensure the Greens don’t lose support while they are part of the Labour-led Government.

“History shows that smaller parties struggle to retain their support in coalition governments, lose influence and can sometimes fracture,” she said.

“We can’t clean our rivers, save our native species, lift our families out of poverty, build warm safe houses and new public transport if our party isn’t united and positive, governing and campaigning for change.”

The Green Party needs to grow its vote – and win back the support of those voters who turned their back on the party in 2017 – and ensure in 2020 it returns to Parliament with more MPs and more influence, Ms Davidson said.

Without ministerial responsibilities, Ms Davidson said she can can focus on the party and ensure the full delivery of their confidence and supply agreement while maintaining unity.

“With one leader as a Minister and one not we are able to avoid the pitfalls other parties entering Government have experienced who have seen their support fall.”

The Green Party needed to work on representing a broad cross-section of New Zealanders, as well as regaining the trust and support of those who didn’t vote for the party in 2017, she said.

“We need to be present in multicultural, Māori and Pasifika communities, in provincial and rural communities, and in the suburbs, with women, young people and workers.”

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It remains to be seen as to how this works out. Davidson is very clearly of the Turei persuasion and that, plus recent reports of ill feeling by some Green members towards Genter suggest that there are tensions within the Greens.

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