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‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ Cried Alice


In an article on the RNZ website, Karen Brown whilst writing about various issues related to DHB deficits noted this:

Of interest amid concern about delayed maintenance and substandard hospital buildings is capital expenditure at $225m dollars in the year to February – $140m below budget.

To quote Alice in Wonderland ‘ Curiouser and curiouser ‘ indeed.

Ardern and David Clark have made claims that some $14 billion of capital spend is needed over the next 10 years to rectify what they claim is massive underfunding.

Yet other than assertions regarding Middlemore, vigorously disputed by National, we have no substantive support.

Indeed, as Clark noted in the Checkpoint piece referenced above Labour asserts massive funding shortfall, but produces nothing but sound bites and numbers he describes as ropey.

At this time Adam is highly dubious about this issue. Why were DHBs not spending their maintenance budgets? Given the supposed scale of the need; how come it never made it into the media previously. Especially given the desire of some in the media to sock it to National. If the situation is this bad, the implications are that a great many people at many levels kept quiet and nothing was said Adam does not find this credible.

So at present we are in Wonderland looking for the real world.

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