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Curran Events


The fallout from Carol Hirschfeld’s RNZ resignation and continuing pressure on the broadcasting minister Clare Curran were closely covered by the media again this week. Where are we now in the saga The Listener called ‘Curran events’  – and what will be in the next episode?

The broadcasting minister Clare Curran flew to the the Gold Coast to see TVNZ broadcasting the Commonwealth Games last Thursday.

Even in her absence she featured in news back home alongside the Games themselves.

Newshub at 6 got underway on Thursday evening with RNZ’s chief executive Paul Thompson and chair Richard Griffin taking  – in its reporter’s  words – “a walk of same” to a Parliamentary select committee.

They were there to set the record straight after inadvertently misleading the committee last time round.

Both Richard Griffin and Paul Thompson gave what turned out to be false answers in March when asked about that now-notorious breakfast time meeting between RNZ head of news Carol Hirschfeld and the minister late last year. 

More at the link

Peacock looks closely at this affair and the increasing number of strands running in this matter.

The website article is a useful compilation of what has been going on, with several useful links.

Clearly we have a way to go yet. To their credit some in the media are doggedly pursuing this issue. It would be useful if some of this doggedness transferred to other issues.

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