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Food Glorious Food : Bread Pudding


When I was a child, my grandmothers and my mother regularly made bread pudding. This was and is one of the most evocative memories of my childhood.

Bread pudding is comfort food, portable pleasure and makes use of food that otherwise might go to waste.

But, to Adam and many others it is a remembrance of one’s past. However, it is a food that has not only survived, but due to British expansionism has migrated elsewhere. For example New England

On my first visit to New Orleans in the USA, way back in the 1980s my wife and I came across, without knowledge one of the great New Orleans restaurants Le Bon Ton Roulet, it was around the corner from our hotel.

After a great meal we finished with a New Orleans version of bread pudding married with pecan ice cream and a bourbon sauce. Here is a reference to an example

Comfort food, but moved to a higher plane.

Here is a good basic recipe which Adam used the other day. It yields an excellent result with capability for adaptation.

Somewhat intriguingly my Google searches tend to suggest hat in Australia and NZ, our preference is for ‘Bread and Butter Pudding’ . Why?

Are there any NZ and Australian variants of this English classic?

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