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Dream or nightmare – your choice


Jacinda and Grant are returning from a weekend Labour Youth Camp. All of a sudden their car hits a bump in the road and judders to a halt.

What’s happened they exclaim, as their Crown BMW skids to a halt.

Their chauffeur says don’t worry, let the security detail check it out.

Minutes later, the head of the PM’s security reports back.

No problem ma’m.

What happened Jacinda asks, plaintively, was it an angry National supporter?

No, ma’m!

Was it a rogue bus company employee a timorous Grant mewled from the boot where he had hidden.

No, sir!

What then, an exasperated Jacinda asked, I am late for a photo shoot with Hello, before flying to Brisbane for selfies with our fortunately winning Commonwealth Games team, and then off for selfies with Emmanuel, Angela and Queenie.

I’m a busy person, as am I moaned Grant from the boot.

Well, we ran over  truth, openness and transparency. Therefore according to Clare Curran’s instructions we had to reverse over them to make sure they were dead. This took a little longer than we expected, but we managed it.

You will make your PR stunt ma’m

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