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75 and counting


Pathetic Virtue Signalling Government led by Pathetic Show Pony


The government has established 75 inquiries, reference and working groups – that’s nearly one every two days since it was sworn in.

National Party Leader Simon Bridges says after just six months the Government’s tally of inquiries, reference and working groups has soared to 75 as it desperately tries to compensate for its inability to think for itself or put in the work.

“After nine years in Opposition claiming they knew better, Labour, NZ First and the Greens put in so little work and came up with so few ideas they’re now outsourcing the job of running the country to consultants – wasting tens of millions of dollars in taxpayers funds in the process.

Labour never looked like a government in waiting when it was in opposition. It spent more time sabotaging itself than developing policy.

We paid for them to waste nine years on internal bickering and now we’re…

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