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Excellent idea


  1. 27/04/2018 14:43

    This would have to be the dumbest place to put a piece of metal. Motorcycles no longer have front plates because of the injuries they were causing in crashes.

    If the plate is not securely fixed, it will come off and be a danger to any cyclist who hits their head on the ground. If the plate is securely fixed, then that fixing will introduce a week point in the helmet.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      27/04/2018 14:46

      The idea of recognition is good, how about an adhesive label


      • 27/04/2018 20:08

        Not sure that identification of cyclists is such a big need.

        I would also object to the bit about demerit points attaching to a driver licence for cycling infractions. How can that punishment be squared with those who do not hold a driver licence?


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