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Critical Mass: USC Professor Calls For Film Critics To Be Selected By Race and Gender


Yet another attempt by ‘progressives’ to take us to a new dark age of turgid politically sound films,media,arts and literature. Oh, I forgot we had them Nazism and Stalinism. How apt this occurs now in the era of alt facts, fake news and academic repression by progressives in the name of free speech. Soon we see HUAC stalking the land and the compilation of a white and male list.
Truly we see the return of the Bourbons.


download-3University of Southern California Associate Professor of Communication  Stacy L. Smith has written a report entitled “Critic’s Choice?” with USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative which discussed the problem that film critics are “largely white and male.” The solution appears to be the selection of critics based on their race and gender — as opposed to simply their talent and writing — to achieve “inclusion among film reviewers.”  We previously discussed a Canadian gender quota for directors.

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