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Mediawatch: Police apologise to Nicky Hager


Mediawatch on Police apologising to Nicky Hager

There is a lengthy article on the RNZ website.

Not sure what to think about this.

Again we see serious ineptitude by NZ Police, thus raising major concerns regarding their management.

However, Hager has track record of using ‘leaked’ material in his books. He is extremely partisan in his views. There have been claims in the past that some of his assertions are either incorrect or just not true.

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    19/06/2018 09:56

    I didn’t say being partisan was wrong. Indeed, informed partisans have contributed a great deal.
    Re claims perhaps it could be better phrased.
    My comments on the police was not meant to say that they should enforce an anti partisan view. The point,which I clearly made badly, is that this is yet one more example of police actions exhibiting ineptitude and perhaps political direction.

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  2. Roj Blake permalink
    19/06/2018 09:39

    Why should Hager be anything other than partisan in his books? Very few good books do not have a partisan angle. Should Richard Dawkins be less partisan when he writes on Biology and give credence to creationist nonsense?

    And when was it the province of the Police to enforce an anti-partisan view?

    And you last sentence is nonsense. How can “claims” be used as evidence?

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