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Bryce Edwards asks ‘Do you hate the baby?’ Adam responds ‘ No, but’


In his recent article in NZ Herald Bryce Edwards posed the question ‘ Do you hate the baby?’

In NZ at this time we all know there is only one baby. The first ever born to the First Whanau ( under Ardern family is an outlawed word) as is NZ , because the ‘wee one’, not a baby please note ,was born into our village, a construct this Grumpy Old Sod, does not comprehend. Adam or GOS if you prefer, thought the baby was born in NZ. Auckland is not a village.

However, we digress. Ms Ardern has requested, quite rightly personal time with her family following the birth:-

Tracy Watkins

On Friday morning, they will head home from hospital, make a brief public appearance, and then shut the world out for a few weeks while they share this time with their closest friends and family – as it should be

Rebecca Thomson

She plans to take six weeks off work.

Ardern and Gayford would look to try and keep the next weeks somewhat private with their new little family. 

However, the pair plan to share some photographs throughout the period the prime minister is on maternity leave – and that will likely be via both of their Instagram accounts.

TVNZ News reported earlier

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