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Hobbits and other myths


As Adam noted earlier:-

emmerson_30062018Nine to Toon on film subsidies

Some interesting comments, following Matt Nipperts Herald article

The New Zealand taxpayer has forked out nearly $600 million to Hollywood producers since 2010 to support the Wellington-dominated film industry, and despite commissioning numerous studies the Government is unclear whether this represents money well spent.

The subsidy scheme, originally conceived to facilitate filming of the Lord of the Rings, has steadily increased over the past two decades and now sees mostly overseas producers paid subsidies of up to a quarter of production costs – resulting in $161m paid to the makers of the wildly profitable Hobbit trilogy and $12m for animation on Alvin and the Chipmunks 4.

Nippert makes some very valid points, but at the same time the NZ film industry has expanded dramatically in recent years .

In addition the profitability of a film is not the point.

What is the point is:-

  • Do we see a return
  • Is the film industry creating new jobs for New Zealanders
  • Is NZ getting positive international exposure
  • Is there any benefit to tourism




Kudos to Matt Nippert for raising this important issue

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