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Why is Julie Anne Genter such an idiot?


Again we see radical loony Green Julie Anne Genter promoting gender beyond ability

One of the best bosses Adam ever worked for was a woman.

This lady was superb, she stood up for her people she defended them when they came under attack. The only thing she demanded from her teams was honesty.

Her mantra was merit and ability, not gender. She believed passionately in the concept of human capital as a key enabler of success, not male, female or whatever, human. Thus ability. If you were able you were rewarded. If you were incompetent yew did not.

It was Adam’s privilege and honour to work for this lady for several years. She taught Adam so much. To my boss competence was all, not gender, ethnicity or anything else.

Genter is an obsessed idiot, who is determined to promote whatever loony tune idea she has, before competence.

Gente should be sacked. Unfortunately in Ardernworld she will be promoted. Genter is a disgrace to her sex/gender.

My old boss would be dismayed. She achieved her senior positions in a multi-national because of ability, not because of gender,

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